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Purebred dogs are under threat.  

The Victorian State Government has proposed legislation which has the potential to decimate purebred dogs in the state of Victoria and have a significant impact on the gene pool of Lowchen in Australia. 

Some of the key issues with the Bill include: 
  • Small scale breeders will be required to register for a Recreational Breeder Permit in the year in which they wish to have and sell a litter.  Not all councils are receptive to breeding activities and breeders who have been doing so for many years may be forced to stop; 
  • Local Council are already stretched for resources and are being forced to enforce this legislation.  The costs will be pushed onto breeders through permit application costs;
  • Many breeders already spend significant sums of money to produce healthy, well socialised puppies.  In most cases, not all costs are passed on to puppy buyers because breeders do this for love not money.  Breeders who are already losing money cannot sustain significant additional costs without passing them on to puppy buyers;
  • People who give their puppies away for free are not subject to the provisions of the Bill.  This Bill is about profit and not the welfare of animals, as long as you give your puppies away, the Bill is indifferent to their welfare. 
There are many other concerns about this Bill and I strongly recommend that you go to purebreddogs.org.au to get more information about the impact of the Bill. 


Wyntervale is a small home based kennel located in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. Since being introduced to Lowchen this breed has captivated my attention and certainly my heart.  While I do not breed often I am committed to the ongoing development of the breed and improving knowledge and understanding of the breed in the general public.  As such, you can expect to see Wyntervale Lowchen at a range of public events such as the Dog Lovers Show, Royal Shows and other promotional events.  

Wyntervale's foundation bitch Sivaro Strike A Pose (Lola) was given to me by Sivaro Kennels and from this moment on, my life was about to change. Since then I have owned or handled a number of Lowchen who have only furthered my love of the breed.  

Lola brought with her a strong, vibrant personality. Always ready to play and run amok or to curl up in bed and sleep half the day away.  Lola has since provided Wyntervale with two litters of beautiful puppies who have brought much joy.

I look forward to many more years with many more Lowchen.


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