Wyntervale Kennels is owned by Lou and is a small home based kennel located in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. Lou is supported by her hubby Ryan and son, Noah (aka Boyteen). 

Despite starting out in the purebred dog word with two pet Afghan Hounds, I was struck by the lively and resilient nature of Lowchen. 

Wyntervale's foundation bitch Sivaro Strike A Pose (Lola) was given to me by Nancy of Sivaro Kennels. 

Lola has a strong, and vibrant personality. She is always ready to play and run amok or to curl up in bed and sleep half the day away. While the traditional lion clip was initially a source of amusement, it has quickly became a hallmark in the Wyntervale household and somehow it just wouldn't be the same without several speckled bare butts dancing and prancing around.

Lola was soon joined by Paceaway Parti Chic (India) who came to Wyntervale Lowchen on lease from Paceaway Lowchen with the support of Dinoambre Kennels.  India was an education in the mischievous nature of young Lowchen and provided much entertainment both in and out of the ring.  India has since returned to Paceaway Kennels after attaining the final points towards her Australian Champion title and more lovely Wyntervale and Lowenhart puppies have joined the family. 


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