Wyntervale Lowchen future litter plans are subject to the outcome of the Domestic Animal Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016

While the Domestic Animal Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 is on hold, Wyntervale have plans for not one but two exciting litters in 2017.  We welcome enquiries for puppies, although we cannot guarantee that a puppy may be available until the litters are on the ground.  

More about the Domestic Animal Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016:

While the intent of this proposed legislation is to end the suffering of dogs and cats being bred in factories or farms, it has a number of unintended consequences.  Better enforcement of current legislation and proper research into the source of pets in shelters would provide more positive welfare outcomes for domestic animals. 

Future breeding of Wyntervale Lowchen is likely to be dependent on:

  •  Whether local council will approve a Domestic Animal Business/Recreational Breeder Permit in a residential area; 
  • Whether we are able to afford the additional costs associated with this registration.  Councils will need to fund the additional administration through 'user pays' which means costs will be passed on to breeders.  We have currently bred litters at a loss because we love this breed, however we may not be able to afford the additional financial impact of this bill; and
  • Whether there are sufficient other breeders continuing long term to ensure a healthy and sustainable gene pool. 

With the Bill currently on hold, we are hoping to have puppies at some stage this year, if you are interested in joining the Wyntervale family, please send an enquiry via the Contact Us page and we will keep you updated.

Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3100029825

If you are interested in either a pet or a show prospect, enquiries are welcome via the 'contact us' page.  I would be delighted to share this journey with you.

Our Philosophy:

Wyntervale puppies are raised in the home to be healthy, happy, loving and friendly companions who are competitive in the show ring.  We aim to breed playmates for you and your family to enjoy for many years.

Wyntervale puppies come with a lifetime return policy whereby you may return your puppy/dog at any time in the dogs life (please note: the purchase price is not refunded for lifetime returns).

We do not export pet only puppies, however if you would like to inquire from overseas about a show or sporting puppy, please do so via the 'contact us' page.  

Please note that all pet puppies will be sold with a desexing contract, to be desexed between 9 and 12 months of age to allow adequate maturity prior to desexing. 

What do you get with a Wyntervale Lowchen?

Wyntervale breeding dogs are health tested.
Wyntervale dogs compete in conformation shows and other dog sports.
Wyntervale puppies are house raised.
Wyntervale puppies will have age appropriate vaccinations.
Wyntervale puppies will be microchipped at an appropriate age.
Wyntervale puppies will receive regular worming.
Wyntervale puppies will be socialised to a variety of stimuli, including clipping and grooming.
Wyntervale puppies will have basic training appropriate for their age.
You will receive a comprehensive puppy pack with lots of information.
You will receive lifetime support for your puppy/dog.
You will receive a loving, happy pet.  
You will be part of a community of puppy buyers who have been where you are, with whom you can share your joy and ask questions and share experiences. 

The Addams Family litter - 12 April 2011 - (S: Gr Ch Paceaway Maddox x D: Ch Sivaro Strike A Pose)

Flight of the Conchords litter - 03 June 2012 - (S: Ch Wanted Distant Shores (Imp Nwy/Fin) x D: Ch/Neut Ch Sivaro Strike A Pose)

Wicked The Musical litter - 23 April 2016 (S: Gr Ch Wyntervale Rhymenocerous ET x D: Ch Rondaglen Let Me Entertain You)

Going Postal Litter - 17 September 2017 (S: Ch Lowenhart TasteAsGood AsILook x D: Ch Lowenhart Runs TheWorld)


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