Wyntervale Adora Belle

Adora (aka Doorbell) is from Wyntervale's fourth litter.  Adora is a lovely combination of Lowenhart dogs and is out of Veruca (Ch Lowenhart Runs TheWorld) and Batman (Ch Lowenhart TasteAsGood AsILook).  Adora is full of attitude and isn't afraid to let you know what she really thinks, but at the end of the day what she REALLY thinks is that she should be allowed to sleep on the pillow and have cuddles.  

Adora will undergo health testing after two years of age: 

  • Patellas - not before September 2019;
  • Heart  not before September 2019; and 
  • Eyes -  not before September 2019.

Adora's Pedigree 

Sire : Ch. Lowenhart TasteAsGood AsILookS: Ch. Lowenhart JuJu JumpjetS: Ch. Bumir J'Adore

D: Ch. Damyat UpN Atom

D: Ch. Sesukan Lil ScrumdidliumptiousS: Ch. Wanted Distant Shores (Imp Nor/Fin)

D: Sesukan Lil MeltnMoment
Dam : Ch. Lowenhart Runs TheWorldS: Ch. Wyntervale Hiphopopotamus

Ch. Wanted Distant Shores (Imp Nor/Fin)

D: Ch./Neut Ch. Sivaro Strike A Pose
D:  Sup Ch. Lowenhart KickUp TheHeini
 Lowenhart Wotcha WaitNFr

D: Ch. Damyat UpN Atom



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